Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Pocket purse recycled from blue jeans for my cell phone.

I started out the other day to sew some pocket purses to sell. But when I start creating things, I can't seem to keep them simple.

I got pocket crazy again and I got a little bit lazy. The strap for this is actually purchase "blue jean" bias tape. I discovered it this summer, thought it was so cool and picked it up. I used the whole package and it is just perfect to go over my shoulder and rest at the side of the opposite hip.

I have been wearing this on my body non stop, even when I am at home. It solves the "I missed that call because my phone was upstairs and I was downstairs, excuse."

Its perfect for just a few cars some cash, my phone and some change. Yet there is plenty of room for keys if the pants I am wearing don't have pockets.  But that is hardly ever the case since I am the "blue jeans lady."

 I would show you a picture of it with my phone in it but I can't for two reasons. One I need it to take the pictures and two, since I was wearing it all day the battery went almost completely dead on me so it is being charged up right now. :)


Monday, September 23, 2013

I Made Fruit Rollups Today

I have a full freezer of fruit.I have it because I helped a friend out at her fruit stand this past summer.
I think I made the first batch a little too sweet. I was worried because they turned up their nose to my green smoothies that I was making this past summer.
Here are some close up of the actual finished product.

Blue Jean Creations I Have Made

I have been making several items out of blue jeans. But I haven't taken the time to post them. These are items I liked so much I decided not to sell them but to use them myself. But I want to share my creations. Be sure and email me if you want something custom, I would love to create original items for you.

Here is a purse I made that I have been using since last spring.

sometimes I get a little crazy too many pocket. As you can see, there are two pockets in the front, (the front jean pocket is short because of the owl applique).

3 pockets inside, and 2 on the backside. I also put a lining divider pocket on the backside, with a velcro connection dividing it into two big deep pockets on both sides of the lining inserted divider.

Although I have been using this and it is not brand new, (well its actually from recycled materials anyhow.) I suppose if the price was right I might consider selling it. I could always make myself another one. Send me an email if you are in love with it with an offer, no quarantees, like I said the price must be right, or you send the offer on a good day when I really need the cash more than the purse. LOL


Friday, December 23, 2011

A true spirit of Christmas story that happened to my family tonight!

Today, my kids and I received gift cards from my sister in Montana. She knows I struggle in the winters especially at Christmas.

She sent me a $50 gift card, and each of the kids a $25 one.

Almost always, when I receive a gift card in the winter it goes for necessities like food and non food grocery type items that are always needed, you know toilet paper, shampoo and such. I have also often added some of my cards to the kids, to cover the tax, or bought them hot food for that days meal.

Today when we left the house I informed the kids I was going to get  myself something special and was not sharing my card with anyone. I also put a lid on the fighting and arguing letting them know that we would head home and wait to do "our shopping trip" after Christmas if they started up anytime during the trip.

Well all was going great, we got our purchases, and one of the kids even gave mom 4 bucks extra to cover her new goodies. I actually had gotten some craft supplies that I had wanted for a long time.

Here is a pic Mariah took on her cell phone, she was being silly, she took it into a mirror!

We headed for the car, and it would not start. It was obvious it was the battery. I have been driving my Chevy Blazer Van all winter with know issues with the battery at all. I guess when it dies, it dies.

A nice guy offered to give us a jump, and he had a really cool battery charger with green yellow and red indicator lights on it. He explained to me that they tell you whether the battery is completely charged, or the alternator is bad or the battery, if it is charging, etc.

After about  45 minutes of messing around with the connections and him running his truck to rev up my battery we came to the conclusion that the battery was toasted.

So he left, I took my $54 worth of purchases in to the customer service to return, to buy a battery instead.

When we got back to the battery section and I got a guy to help me figure out which battery I needed for my van, we discovered the one needed for my van was about $79. I told the guy, I guessed we would have to leave the van here and figure out how to get home, and hope it wasn't towed, cuz I only had the 50. The guy said, he would override the price and give it to me for $50.

Not only did he do that, he came outside in the 28 degree cold weather and helped me put it in and then told me to take the old one to the service desk and they would give me 9 dollars cash back for it. I was so grateful, I feel that there really are Christmas miracles and stories of wonderful people.

I wanted to share this story because I know everyone appreciates to hear a story of Christmas Spirit and Walmart deserves to get the wonderful credit, you usually only here about the bad things that happen there on the news.

So I hope sharing this puts a smile on your face.

I came home got warm and am going to bed tonight so grateful. I am appreciative not only of the kind young man who helped me, but is supervisor who allowed him to come outside and help me, the wonderful cheerful and loving attitude he had the whole time we worked it all out.

I am also really grateful to the kind man and his fiance who took over half an hour to try and get me going by trying to jump my dead battery.

I always have been a Walmart customer, but this truly shows that they take care of their customers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Blue Jean Stenographer's NoteBook Cover

Well, here is another "look what I made tonight" entry. I have mixed feelings on how this turned out. I think I needed to embelish the heart a little more, but wasn't sure what to do to it.

I personally like using steno notepads, because I am left handed and other notebooks are not put together with us left-handers in mind. I actually turn regular notebooks around and use them upside down and backwards. :)

But here are some pics, I would sure like some feedback. I haven't decided if I want to put this in my Etsy shop or use it in a giveaway to build up my blog.

   This is a front view, It has a black elastic band about two inches from the bottom to keep it shut.

Gotta run, please like and comment, I have to go pick up my daughter from college.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of my UFO's, but one I am proud enough of to hang on a wall unfinished.


I had planned on sewing tonight but I spent the night enjoying our newly hooked up cable, and searching the internet for other unique tutorials and ideas.

Remember a few days back when I said I was going to dig up things from my past that I have sewn. Since I am 55 years old, that is a lot of past. LOL.

Here is something I created a few years back. I found it in a box when we moved last year, and decided, finished or not it deserved a better place than that.

One of the reasons I never finished it, is because I hadn't decided whether it should be a blanket or a wall hanging. Lame excuse, huh.

I have it pinned onto a room divider I made between my sewing room and the stair well in our home. This reminds me to someday figure out what I want to do to finish it, it also reminds me, what a great seamstress I am. Maybe that will edge me more to the sewing room and the creative side, than the wasting the time away surfing on the computer. :)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Finished Sleepy Pajama Project Model Boy

I did it. You can't tell from this picture, but I made one simple little mistake. The back of the raglan shirt is black. Oh well, it all goes together.

The faking sleeping happy Levi this morning waiting for time to go to school!

And Mom thinks to herself, "Yes, it was worth staying up until midnight!"